Can we keep him?

“Is he coming home from the hop-sital with us?” asked our 3 year old daughter, Capri. My husband answers “Yes, baby William is coming home with us.” We spent the last nine months talking about how a baby is growing in mommy’s tummy, and the baby is coming out of mommy’s tummy at the hospital. How did we forget that minor detail about the baby coming home with us?

Fast-forward 5 months. I’m getting ready for work. Mini-me is tailing me around the house, copying everything I do and asking a thousand questions. With make-up applied, hair brushed, and a coordinated outfit on, I feel that by 7 AM I’ve already accomplished more that I manage to get done on my days off.

Capri looks at William and genuinely asks in her sweet, innocent voice “I love William so much. Can we keep him forever?”

Yes, we will keep him forever. He’s not a stray pet we took in, and we weren’t doing a free trial period. He’s our family and he’s ours to love forever. I think we’re finally all on the same page about baby William’s status in our family and our home.