Mums’ List: Socks, Sloppy Joes, and More

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FAMILY LIFE This week I was spooked by a sock! I usually put 6-month-old William in a Halo Sleep Sack for bedtime. This week I put him down for a nap in regular clothes, he was wearing a sweater and seemed … Continue reading

Grooming an Attitude of Gratitude in Kids

Encourage a thankful mindset in your kids by taking a moment before bed to have a simple conversation. After our bedtime routine each night, Capri and I talk about what we are thankful for. We take turns listing off a few … Continue reading

Playing with food is fun

Who says a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich has to be boring? My mom was amazing at making simple things fun for us as kids, and I strive to do the same. While I wasn’t up to making anything more than PB&J for lunch, I still wanted to make it fun.

We started by cutting our sandwiches into finger sandwiches – which, as I convinced my daughter, are much fancier than regular sandwiches. We arranged them on a colorful platter with other finger foods and dished ourselves up on little paper plates, just as if we were having a party.

making simple things fun

making simple things fun

My daughter took it a step further and made fun and artistic creations with her food, which I allowed because playing with food is fun.

playing with food is fun

playing with food is fun

As Kid President says:

“I’m not in a party, I AM A PARTY! Everywhere I go is a party!”

band aids for your private

As usual, I’ve got the baby strapped to me in our cream colored Moby – I like to call it a baby straight jacket – and our 4-year old is walking by my side (why am I pushing a giant-sized grocery cart with a kiddie car attached to it when she just walks anyway?). I decide to browse the baby food aisle for inspiration. I need some new food combination ideas to whip up and freeze at home for baby William. I don’t know how it is where you grocery shop, but for me the feminine products aisle always seems to be shared with the baby products aisle. So there I am looking at baby food when I hear my daughter shout from half way down the aisle:

“Hey Mom! They have band aids for your private!”

I’m speechless, which backfires because now that I didn’t respond quick enough she decides to repeat herself. She again yells out for all the Safeway shoppers to hear that there are band aids for my private. This time she tries to grab a package of pads as a visual aid and manages to knock a whole pile off the shelf, making even more of a scene.

There’s never a dull moment. Even a trip to the grocery store becomes a memorable, and potentially embarrassing, event when you have kids. I love it!

a trip to the dentist

Baby William is snuggled in my new Moby wrap and our daughter, Capri, is at my side as we walk in. Capri proudly announces to the receptionist “I need an appointment”. The receptionist played along, “oh let me see what I have available…hmm…does right now work for you?”

Luckily Capri’s schedule was open, so we followed her back to the dental exam room.

I admire my 4-year old’s interrogation and negotiation skills. Before the cleaning started, my Capri asked a multitude of questions about how her teeth would be cleaned, which toothpaste flavor would be used, how she was going to spit toothpaste out, and what each of the tools on the table would be used for.

Capri finally proceeded to relax into the chair and lay back. The medical light overhead was “brighting” her eyes and she requested it be turned off. The hygienist complied.

With complete seriousness Capri then spoke the words that were the highlight of our trip to the dentist:

“My teeth are very sharp, so you better be careful that I don’t bite you.”

The hygienist wasn’t phased, she just said “I’ve been bit before, but never by very sharp teeth so I will be very careful.” My daughter was pleased with this answer, and so was I. In fact, I’m thankful that all of the staff at our dentist’s office are just as good with my kids as they are with our teeth.

As my mom used to say “Only brush the teeth you want to keep!”