My Favorite Things

This new page is a work in progress! A page full of some of my favorite things – things I’ve tried and use and found worth every penny. Things that make me happy, make life easier, or that I just seem to like better than other similar products.

My favorite water bottle. It’s glass so the water tastes good, it has a rubber cover for easy grip and durability, and it has a flip lid (you can open it with one hand at the push of a button).

My favorite ear buds: I love using these for walking, podcasts, working out, and more. They are headstand proof and don’t fall out even in those upside-down yoga poses.

My favorite baby (and toddler) carrier. I tried about 5-6 different ones, my husband and I  both found this one to be the best and most comfortable.

My favorite phone case. Do you know anyone who’s never cracked their phone? Now you do, it’s me. I have kids and they beat up my phone – it gets dropped, stepped on, squished, thrown, and spilled on. My phone is always inside of an Otter Box, because the Otter Box is toddler proof.

My favorite coffee travel mug. I went years with a ceramic mug and recently received this one as a gift. OMG, my coffee stays HOT for HOURS. The handle makes it super easy to carry even when my hands are full. I’m so in love, I bought my husband a matching one for Father’s Day this year.

My favorite workout shorts. These inexpensive, plain cotton shorts are the best. I’ve been looking all summer and trying on shorts of all brands and prices. I would have splurged on some good ones, but these are by far my favorite. I just don’t like the feeling of other athletic and running shorts. But these, I could live in them. Mine are in a fabulous coral color!

My favorite sunglasses. They are sporty, trendy, classy, fun, and durable. And, they’re Vans! I love them and pick them every day over the 5 other pairs of sunglasses I own.