You’re invited to join the Village on a whole new level…

Hey there WordPress friends!  You’re invited to find me on Facebook as “Sara Crosby, the mom next door.” You’ll get links to highlighted blog posts along with inspirational quotes, positive vibes, and more fun bonus content.  Find me today and … Continue reading

Mums’ List: Socks, Sloppy Joes, and More

the Mom Next Door Mums' List

FAMILY LIFE This week I was spooked by a sock! I usually put 6-month-old William in a Halo Sleep Sack for bedtime. This week I put him down for a nap in regular clothes, he was wearing a sweater and seemed … Continue reading

Springing into new beginnings: Mums’ List

Cheers to the arrival of Spring – a season full of hope, growth, and new beginnings. Intrigued by the Mum’s List Linky Party, I’m trying something new and joining the Linky Party (who doesn’t love a party?) by writing my own Mums’ List … Continue reading