Happy mornings and good nights

We have what some would call morning chores and evening chores, but we don’t call them chores. We listed our tasks and named them “Happy Morning List” and “Good Night List”.

I believe in making things simple and fun. Sometimes reframing chores as a happy morning routine is all you need to help change your mindset and attitude. These titles reflect my overarching goal and the reason we are doing these tasks: we want to have happy mornings and good nights.

“Discipline is the joyful act of pursuing your dreams.”

So far, it’s worked! My kindergartener and I pick out clothes together and sometimes race. We make lunches together and brush our teeth together. By syncing our routines, we actually spend more time together in the evenings – an unexpected and welcome impact of these simple check lists.

Now that I hold myself to the same standards of my kindergartener, my mornings have improved and my work day too! I wake up with my clothes ready and my lunch made, and I love having happy mornings and good nights.


One thought on “Happy mornings and good nights

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