Easter basket ideas for kids

I remember waking up one Easter morning to find a new pair of shoes stuffed with Easter grass and little treats. My mom was the best at making holidays special, and it was a better use of money anyway to buy shoes instead of another flimsy pastel Easter basket. There were many Easters where we received traditional baskets, but the year I received shoes is the year I remember. I

This year I’m doing a sand bucket for my 4-year old and filling it with Easter grass and beach-inspired gifts: small kite, sunglasses, sand toys, and Chapstick. There may even be a special shell necklace inside a plastic egg. There’s a million things you could use instead of a basket, here’s a list to get you started.

Easter basket ideas for kids
Watering can
Garden pot
Rain boots
New shoes
Beach bucket
Dump truck
Sun hat
Baseball cap
Basket for the front of a kids bike
Beach bag
Roller skates
Roller blades
Clear shoebox size tote
Fabric organizer cube

Easter basket ideas for kids

Easter basket ideas for kids

Pick something and go with the theme…fill bike basket with stickers, streamers, and a bike horn or bell. Fill clear tote or fabric cube with toys –  a great way to organize Legos! Fill shoes with cool socks and funky laces. Fill the purse with Chapstick, mini mirror, and some coins. You get the point. Have fun with it!

Are you making a basket for your mom (hey, she made one for you all those years) or a friend?

Adult Easter basket ideas
Hurricane jar / candle holder
Decorative lantern
Serving bowl
Punch bowl
Coffee mug
Martini glass
Martini shaker
Ice bucket
Plant/garden pot
Beach bag

 What creative things have you done for Easter rather than a traditional basket full of a sugar crash waiting to happen?


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