Grooming an Attitude of Gratitude in Kids

Encourage a thankful mindset in your kids by taking a moment before bed to have a simple conversation. After our bedtime routine each night, Capri and I talk about what we are thankful for. We take turns listing off a few things, big or small, that made that specific day special. Doing this helps groom an attitude of gratitude and puts her mind in a healthy place before she sleeps.

I believe a grateful mindset will be rewarded in many ways throughout her journey in life.

Eckhat Tolle quote on gratitude

This simple conversation will help you learn about your child. As my kids grow, I realize each one is truly their own person with their own thoughts and preferences. Listen carefully to what your child is thankful for: you’ll learn more about them as a person and you’ll see patterns that reveal their love languages and their needs. Are they thankful for an opportunity to go on an adventure, be alone, be with friends, create art, cook, dance, or listen to music? Did they like that it was a quiet day or that it was a day full of action?

While some nights my 4-year-old is more interested in coming up with her next creative excuse to get out of bed (I’m thankful for you, and now can I get ice for my water bottle?), other nights she is more serious (I’m thankful for chocolate), and there’s also nights when we share special moments and she makes me proud of the depth of love in her heart.

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