Playing with food is fun

Who says a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich has to be boring? My mom was amazing at making simple things fun for us as kids, and I strive to do the same. While I wasn’t up to making anything more than PB&J for lunch, I still wanted to make it fun.

We started by cutting our sandwiches into finger sandwiches – which, as I convinced my daughter, are much fancier than regular sandwiches. We arranged them on a colorful platter with other finger foods and dished ourselves up on little paper plates, just as if we were having a party.

making simple things fun

making simple things fun

My daughter took it a step further and made fun and artistic creations with her food, which I allowed because playing with food is fun.

playing with food is fun

playing with food is fun

As Kid President says:

“I’m not in a party, I AM A PARTY! Everywhere I go is a party!”


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