band aids for your private

As usual, I’ve got the baby strapped to me in our cream colored Moby – I like to call it a baby straight jacket – and our 4-year old is walking by my side (why am I pushing a giant-sized grocery cart with a kiddie car attached to it when she just walks anyway?). I decide to browse the baby food aisle for inspiration. I need some new food combination ideas to whip up and freeze at home for baby William. I don’t know how it is where you grocery shop, but for me the feminine products aisle always seems to be shared with the baby products aisle. So there I am looking at baby food when I hear my daughter shout from half way down the aisle:

“Hey Mom! They have band aids for your private!”

I’m speechless, which backfires because now that I didn’t respond quick enough she decides to repeat herself. She again yells out for all the Safeway shoppers to hear that there are band aids for my private. This time she tries to grab a package of pads as a visual aid and manages to knock a whole pile off the shelf, making even more of a scene.

There’s never a dull moment. Even a trip to the grocery store becomes a memorable, and potentially embarrassing, event when you have kids. I love it!


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