5 practical uses of coconut oil

There’s hundreds of ways to use (and eat) coconut oil, but my focus today is on a few of the more practical ways that moms and moms-to-be can use coconut oil.

  1. Belly & Body Moisturizer: After showering, massage oil in clockwise motion onto your growing belly (and breasts and butt cheeks, which are also vulnerable to stretch marks). Watch your body grow with less stretch marks than you would have if you skipped this ritual. Try to enjoy the brief moment of peace despite the craziness of life and while you’re at it, imagine that your baby can feel your love. Extra credit: add a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  2. Lubricant: While you could use coconut oil to lube it up for any reason you wish, the purpose of this post is to suggest using coconut oil to prepare the baby’s exit during labor. Why not massage some on to yourself and make it just a little easier for baby to slip-slide right out?
  3. Nipple Cream: Again, not as sexy as it sounds…but it’s practical and safe for breastfeeding moms. Use coconut oil on sore, cracked, or dry nipples. No need to wash off, it’s safe for baby.
  4. Baby Oil or Baby Lotion: Forget using a bottle of chemicals on your precious bundle of joy, use gentle, natural coconut oil instead.
  5. Gum Remover: Your baby will eventually turn into a toddler and you will eventually find your child with a tangled wad of gum in his or her hair. Peanut butter works but coconut oil works even better. Work coconut oil into the sticky mess and the gum will slide right off the hair. The bath can wait until tonight, because while peanut butter leaves behind a smelly, gunky mess, coconut oil leaves behind a little shine and not much else.

Here’s how to soften and smooth coconut oil for personal use: scoop coconut oil into a mixing bowl and whip it up with your mixer for a few minutes, then store in cute glass jars.

little glass jars of whipped coconut oil

Plain, whipped coconut oil is great to use as nipple cream, lubricant, and baby lotion or oil. For mommy’s moisturizer and gum remover, make it extra special by adding vanilla and lavender essential oils while whipping.Check out my sister’s blog to read more about the benefits and miracles of coconut oil.


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